Purpose of this Blog

Hello friends,
This is by first post. So I thought it will be best for me to explain, what is the purpose of this blog. For years, while was studying, I always looked for someone who can help me for specific questions I had for medications. Sometimes, I was stuck on a question, asking every available person, every available book and even on internet, but still can’t find a satisfactory answer or it took too long to find that answer. This was the time when I thought, if its hard for a pharmacy student to find such answers, how hard it could be for patients. So I am here. In this blog, I will write about any topic relevant to pharmacy and medications. If someone have any specific question I can advise him accordingly. But remember one thing, that these are only the suggestions, most accurate answer according to your health can only be provided by your local pharmacist and doctor, as they have your up-to-date medical history, lab test and medication profile.